Living la Vida Gettysburg

As always, the Gettysburg Times has the scoop on what’s happening in Gettysburg.

Project Gettysburg-Leon’s fourth annual Salsa Dance on the Square is set for Friday, Oct. 1, from 6-10 p.m., on the first block of Carlisle Street in Gettysburg. The event marks Gettysburg’s more than 25 years as a sister city of Leon, Nicaragua and celebrates the contribution of Hispanic people to Adams County.

At 6 p.m.,  as Carlisle Street closes from the railroad crossing to the Square, more than half a dozen local restaurants and caterers will be open for business with food from a variety of traditions.

Let’s hope the weather cooperates for everyone’s sake.  Sorry to say I’ll have to miss this, as it sounds like a great time.  On the other hand, I can’t be too sad, as we plan on spending the weekend in the Poconos.  Anyone ever been to Arlo’s?

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  1. I wonder if they are still doing this yearly Salsa Dance on the Carlisle Street. I’ve never been to that but it sounds like that would be a blast!

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